Are your limiting beliefs getting in your way and preventing you from accomplishing your desires?  

Learn from 10 experts who will share with you their secrets of how they were able to LIBERATE themselves from their limiting beliefs to set themselves FREE and
make their dreams a reality.




November 4 • Money Can’t Buy Happiness • Colin DeBre’

November 5 • Dressing To Feel Your Best • Eugenia Coram

November 6 • Believe In Yourself: Strengthening & Empowering You • Kris Barney

November 7 • Happy Matters • Heather Laughter

November 8 • Realizing The Power Within • Cynthia Sumner

November 11 • Live Powerfully On Purpose • Fabiola Murphy

November 12 • How To Have More Cash To Live Your Dreams • Chris Miles

November 13 • Overcoming Emotional Blocks That Keep Us From Being Fit • Liz Jones

November 14 • Finding The Strength Within • Christa Swenson

November 15 • Liberation: Breaking Through Your Chains • Melissa Davis





Colin DeBre

Colin DeBre’

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Featured on: November 4, 2013

At the age of 15, Colin made the courages decision to tell her 6th period biology teacher what was happening within her home.  Fearful of not knowing the consequences that she may face, she was removed from the home, and placed with her estranged grandparents. “Through the grace of God, He saved me to make a difference in this world.  To encourage others that they have a voice, and to remind them that there are angels all around supporting them.” Learn how Colin’s courage saved her from of a continual life of drugs, sexual and emotional abuse.


Eugenia Coram

Eugenia Coram

Dressing To Feel Your Best

Featured on: November 5, 2013

Eugenia has worked in the fashion industry as a style and image consultant since 2008.  Her passion for styling comes from her family.  She grew up in a small town in southern Portugal, where her father owned a clothing shop called Via Battaglia. As a child, she would spend my days watching him create custom clothing with the finest fabrics, and has been styling men and women since the age of eight. As a stylist, she feel it is important to work closely with each of her clients to determine their objectives and develop personalized looks that reflect their personality.  She has a keen eye for details and how quality materials should flow and drape. In fact, when Eugenia is styling her clients she focus on the fit of the clothing to ensure the end result is perfect.

Eugenia styles both men and women and work with professionals; such as CEOs, TV personalities, business coaches, public speakers, politicians and pageant contestants. Her services include everything from updating client closets to selecting a new look for a special occasion.  She also design custom clothing pieces for clients who need something unique.


Kris Barney

Kris Barney

Believe In Yourself: Strengthening & Empowering You

Featured on: November 6, 2013

It is Liberating to own your own power, believe in yourself and create the life you want!  It is time to know that you are enough and you are worth it!  I strengthen and empower women to conquer life’s toughest challenges to live a passionate and fulfilling life. Kris Barney has the knowledge, experience and expertise to strengthen and empower women throughout the world.  Kris is a motivational speaker; trainer and mentor specializing in helping women heal, create belief in themselves, and strengthen their relationships with themselves, others and their Higher Power.  Kris specializes in teaching and training women how to conquer the trials and difficulties in their lives to live a joyful, rewarding and purpose filled life.  Kris is a profound difference in the world as she strengthens and empowers woman to trust, love & believe in themselves while managing and balancing their families, occupations and challenges in life that we as women face every day. As the founder of All Things Possible, Inc. Kris is able to share her knowledge, expertise and life lessons with women around the world.  She has created programs to inspire and empower women as well as teach them processes to make their lives amazing, even through the tough times. Kris is a personal Mentor.  The women who work with Kris have seen incredible results in their personal and business lives.


Heather Laughter

Heather Laughter

Happy Matters

Featured on: November 7, 2013

As a former foster kid and abuse victim, Heather learned early on to take control of her own happiness. Heather is now a Certified Life Coach and Certified Business Coach, she helps her clients break through their own limiting beliefs. As a transformational speaker, she reminds us all that happiness matters.


Cynthia Sumner

Cynthia Sumner

Realizing the Power Within

Featured on: November 8, 2013

Cynthia is a Wholistic Health Coach and owner of Healing Leaf.   She has been studying natural health for over 10 years.  Cynthia is certified as a Herbal Nutritionist and teaches individuals how to find the power within to find the balance they were born with and how to activate it. The Healing Leaf Program is a plan of freedom! A plan that gives discipline to the appetite and direction to behavior. She will share key tools you can apply immediately to find balance in your body, mind and spirit. Click here to see two amazing before and after life changing testimonials.


Fabiola Murphy

Fabiola Murphy

Live Powerfully on Purpose

Featured on: November 11, 2013

Fabiola will be share powerful tips on how you can  overcome your fears and challenges, so you can begin BEING who you were created to be.  She will give you step by step tools on how to incorporate goal free zones, quiet the bully in your head and how to live powerfully. Fabiola Murphy is a Personal Breakthroughs coach in sunny San Diego, California. After being a student of personal development for over 15 years and working with several coaches herself, she received her certification as a Noah’s ARC coach under the mentorship of Noah St. John, ( author of the Secret Code of Success ).  Most recently Fabiola has lead the Power Call for the Mia Davies Online Marketing Challenge and coaches a select group of entrepreneurs within the Inner Circle.  Fabiola helps entrepreneurs to Live Powerfully on Purpose by quieting the “bully in their heads” and give them tools to breakthrough the mental sewage to design a life they love. In addition to Personal Breakthroughs coaching, Fabiola loves to cook and spend time with her family and 2 dogs running on the beach and getting completely sandy.


Chris Miles

Chris Miles

Financial Prosperity: How to Have More Cash Flow Today

Featured on: November 12, 2013

Chris will be share his personal story how he was deeply in debt and was over $15,000 in the hole each month.  Learn how he reframed his limiting beliefs and paid off $900,000 of debt, and how he has grown a success business within four years. Chris Miles, the “Cash Flow Expert,” is a leading authority showing entrepreneurs and their spouses how to quickly create cash flow and lasting wealth, NOW AND IN THE FUTURE, spending time doing what they love most! He has been featured in US News, CNN Money, YFS Magazine, interviewed internationally on TV & radio, and has a high reputation with his company, Money Ripples getting his clients life-altering financial results.


Liz Jones

Liz Jones

Overcoming Emotional Blocks That Keep Us From Being Fit

Featured on: November 13, 2013

Liz Jones, Owner of Fitabolize Fitness & Nutrition will share personal experience on how not to push yourself too hard and too fast to get your result.
Liz Jones’ passion for fitness began with her love for gymnastics and track. When her coach didn’t show up for practice she jumped up and coached her first gymnastics class at age 14. She did not let an injury from Track & Field at the University of New Mexico slow her down. She quickly developed a new passion for personal training, nutrition coaching, and teaching group exercise classes. Now, she is able to work with more people through training and coaching calls online. After completing two Bachelor of Science Degrees in Exercise Science and Nutrition Dietetics she moved to San Diego to mentor with top fitness and business experts. When not at the gym or on her laptop, she can be found cycling, hiking, drinking wine with friends, trying new restaurants, and learning new sports. If your goal is a lose weight for good, kick sugar cravings, and create healthy fitness and nutrition habits!


Christa Swenson

Christa Swenson

Finding the Strength Within

Featured on: November 14, 2013

Almost a decade ago, Christa thought she was finally going to live the dream life! Her husband at the time had just finished college, they bought their first home, and had a little two-year old with plans to continue growing their family. Her life turned upside almost overnight when her husband was diagnosed with having a brain tumor and within a week he was having surgery to remove it. They were then told the tumor was cancerous and he’d die if they didn’t start radiation right away. This period of time Christa had to work through so many of her limiting beliefs about health, our bodies, food, and her faith in God in order to assist her husband. A few years later, Christa found herself once again at a crossroads in her life when she finally realized that her husband had a mental illness that had manifested after the cancer and she had to make the difficult decision to leave her marriage that had become abusive and unsafe for herself and children. Learn how Christa found the strength within as she transitioned herself and her family through these difficult hardships.


Melissa Davis

Melissa Davis

Liberation: Breaking Through Your Chains

Featured on: November 15, 2013

Tired of being down, and watching opportunities slip through your fingers? Are you tired of being stuck in a black hole that controls your life?  No more hiding in your shadows, it is time to liberate yourself of the limiting beliefs that are hold you back from really being your true self. Join Melissa Davis and gain clarity, confidence, and the ability to love yourself. In this action pack session you will discover:

• Your survival skills that have just gotten you by.
• Gain insight into your behaviors that are holding you back from Living.
• The secret to rid yourself of these shadows and stepping into your light.

Stop doing yourself a disservice by continuing to live in your shadows.  “The closer [you] get to being who [you] are meant to be… the brighter [you] shine.” Melissa Davis creator of Reshape Yourself Now from the inside out.  She has taken her experiences as a mental health therapist and has combined two companies to create this program to truly transform and reshape you from the inside out.  She saw so many woman out there who are struggling with stepping into their light, and they had so much to offer the world.  From the very core of her heart, she has a desire to help woman make a difference in the in the world by reshaping themselves from the inside out.  When woman work with her they gain sense of clarity and a deeper understanding of themselves. They also learn the tools to overcome their limiting beliefs so they can take back control of their life. She loves to travel and bask in the tropics.  Her favorite place to visit is her families vacation home in Hawaii.  She loves living in the Rocky Mountains where she experiences all four season.  She is proud that she is able to stay at home to raise her little boy and still serve woman around her.