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I am so excited that you are eager to learn more about this amazing seven-step process! I combined the education and training acquired while achieving my Masters degree in Mental Health and my experiences in therapy with two outstanding product lines that are in perfect alignment with the objectives of The Reshape Yourself Now Process. I am so excited to share it with you! Using my exclusive seven-step process, I will guide you on an insightful journey. We begin by exploring past patterns and identifying your reshaping needs. We then search and discover limiting beliefs that are holding you back and help you overcome them for good. You will experience freedom from your self-deprecating thoughts and learn to develop and sustain positive relationships with yourself and with others.

Full Mind and Body Transformation

The Reshape Yourself Now Process is a full mind and body transformation. I strongly believe these two product lines complement each other and will assist and sustain you in your transformation.

doTERRA essential oils will help you release your past and move into your future in a more confident and natural way. The reshaping process begins from the inside out when you use essential oils to assist in freeing yourself from these emotional bonds.

Ardyss reshaping garments and nutritional products give your body an extra boost to aid in your reshaping process. These high-quality re-shapers can assist you with a renewed sense of confidence.

The Reshape Process

Here is a sneak peak on what you will discover in your reshaping journey.

  • Review and gain insight into your limiting belief and patterns.
  • Explore the possibilities.  Life without your limiting beliefs holding you back.
  • Search and discover how your emotions dictate your behaviors, and start taking control of your life.
  • How to re-frame your stinkin’ thinkin’ for good.
  • Action plan on unstoppable nature.
  • Practice your new found limiting belief buster.
  • Evaluate your new found freedom.

Each course is jam-packed with valuable lessons that you can instantly implement to improve your life. This seven-step process will change your way of thinking so you are able to forever abandon your limiting beliefs and start LIVING the life you were meant to live!

“The closer we get to being who we are meant to be…the brighter we shine.” ~ Unknown Author

Hear what others are saying

The experience was amazing! I learned so much about myself and what was holding me back from reaching my goals.  Through the program, I learned how to recognize what my fears are and where they come from. I have the courage to face them now and I have decide that they are not going to rule my life. I also learned a lot about why I act the way I do (my behaviors) and the emotions that drive them. Recognizing my behaviors and emotions has helped me make better choices for myself.  I now have direction in life! I now know what steps I need to take in order to accomplish my dreams and take control of my life. I’ve learned that my life can be whatever I want it to be, no matter what has happened in my past. ~ Annie

Have you ever felt like you didn’t deserve success? Or felt inadequate? Or felt undeserving of friendship? Well that was me when I met Melissa.  With love and compassion, Melissa encouraged me look deeper than I wanted, even when it hurt – and believe me some of what I uncovered “hurt”.  Melissa assisted me in digging into my limiting beliefs and moving beyond them. I now have tools to use when something pops up for me. I can look into my past and get to that limiting belief that is holding me back. What a blessing! No longer do I make excuses such as, “it’s just the way I am, or the way I do this or that.”  Now it’s “WOW, why am I doing that?” Then using the tools that Melissa taught me I can switch. It is an ongoing process, but gosh it is great to be able to say ” Ha! That’s where that came from and I sure don’t need it any more”.  I am a work in progress. But I am moving forward. I know that I deserve success and friendships. I am moving forward with my business and taking on more challenges. I still find some self sabotage, but am able to recognize it for what it is and move on. Thanks to Melissa, I am getting my life back! ~ Sandi

Melissa is very calm and compassionate.  She knows when to be direct in a professional way to enable awareness and break throughs.  I had several ah-ha moments that helped me see my denial and control issues. I enjoyed her videos and guided examples of how to do the work.  It made it much easier to follow instructions and get ideas for the assignments.  I also had moments of tears as well as laughter.  Melissa is a powerful devoted coach! ~Denise

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Platinum Package

One-on-on coaching, where we explore in depth your limiting beliefs that are hold you back from taking action in your life today.  Plus, receive The Reshape Yourself Now The Workbook and course videos to assist you in your journey.  Each week you will be given additional assignments for deeper understanding of yourself so you will have the tools to rid yourself of your limiting beliefs.  Through this 8 week program you will have a full understanding of your limiting beliefs and how you will rid them from your life for good.

Silver Package

Group coaching session, where we explore your limiting beliefs that are hold you back from taking action in your life today.  You will also have the support of the group members who are also ready to rid themselves of their limiting beliefs.  The group size will be limited to five members.  This will allow each member to have individual assistance.  Plus you will receive, The Reshape Yourself Now The Workbook and course videos to assist you in your journey of self discovery.   Through this 8 week program you will have a full understanding of your limiting beliefs and how you will rid them from your life for good.

Gold Package

Self paced program, filled with videos and workbook to guide you on your journey to rid yourself of your limiting beliefs

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