Essential oils take on a deeper level when touching
the human heart, mind, and body.

January: The Winter Blues Got You Down?


Learn how the power of nature can aid in the healing of your emotional needs.

  • Is this cold air getting to you?
  • Do you catch yourself sitting in a sunny spot in your house just to try and catch a few rays of sun?
  • Are you tired of being down in the dumps while you wait for Utah’s weather to make up it’s mind?
  • Come learn how to pick yourself up with a more affective way than sitting on the floor in your house.
  • Experience the power of nature with doTERRA Essential Oils.
  • Learn how to use essential oils to get you out of your winter blues. We will be talking about an alternative way to assist you in overcoming depression, anxiety, grief, and sorrow. Also, we will be hitting on points on how to protect you and your family against the cold and flu.

If you have heard of essential oils or want to learn more, then drop on by.

Eventbrite - The Winter Blues Got You Down?

February: First Aid

1114174_red_plasterLearn how essential oils can be an alternative health care for your family.

Is your Medicine Cabinet bulging?  Are you tired of going to the Doctors and having them tell you it is a virus and they can’t do a thing about it?

Now is the time for you to get educated and learn how essential oils can give you an alternative way to care for your family.

What you will learn at the class:

  • Difference between essential oil brands
  • How to administer them to your family
  • Discuss the TOP oils needed in you home
  • Most importantly learn the benefits of these oils.

This is a FREE class, compliments of Melissa

March: Allergies

1375080_dandelionLearn natural remedies to help safe guard you in the upcoming allergy season.
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April: Green Cleaning

Green-CleaningPurge the toxic chemicals out of your house, and learn how to use safe, earth friendly cleaning products.

Come learn how to clean your house without toxic chemical.

Also, learn quick and easy tips on how you can make these products with common house hold supplies. Such as oranges and vinegar. You got to love PINTEREST!

You will also, make your own green clean product. So much fun to be had.

This is a FREE class, compliments of Melissa

Eventbrite - Green Spring Cleaning

May: Maternal Health

Explore how the power of nature can help you and your baby during this beautiful time of life.

Learn how essential oils can assist you within your pregnancy. We will be covering the basics of maternal care. Plus we will cover which oils are safe during each trimester of pregnancy.

These are some of the areas we will be discussing:
-Leg cramps
-Mood Swings
-Stretch Marks
– Toxemia
-Varicose Veins
-Yeast Infection
– High Blood Pressure
Much more.

This is a great info for soon to be expecting mothers.This is a FREE class, compliments of Melissa

June: Baby Essentials

Learn how to use safe natural product for the care of you new wee one.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
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July: Woman’s Health

Natural products to help you through all young girl with a fresh strawberriesstages of your life.
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August: Back to School Prep

Learn how essential oils can increase your children’s learning, and how to protect themSchool from getting the gam boo.
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Medicine Cabinet Makeover

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  3. You’ll get sick LESS often – Learn how to boost your immune system.
  4. Take care of your family’s health naturally…..without the side effects of prescriptions, antibiotics, over-the-counter medications, and other pharmaceuticals.
  5. It’s FREE!

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